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Most and least favourite thing about testing


Start with least and move to something more cheery.

My least favourite part of this job is probably interacting with people. I know this is anathema to most testers, but for me it’s extremely draining to talk to people face to face for any period of time. I find meetings very, very hard as well, some people love to talk for hours in meetings, while every minute in a meeting is a pain for me. Especially when I am hungry. But it’s an important part of being a tester so I do these things, I just don’t enjoy it much!


This is more cheery.

What I love about my job is making it easier for developers to test, helping them to design tests, look at designs before they’re implemented, jumping in code reviews and reading a potential bug before it gets merged. I love writing tools most of all though. Nothing makes my day like a authoring a little tool to make something easier, faster or less prone to mistakes. That’s like a condensed version of software development, you get the hit of having created something useful in a day or so rather than the longer timescales of a larger piece of software. Plus when people start using it in anger, it’s just wonderful.

Contact me

If you want to talk to me about this, you can reach me here on Github or on Twitter @Testing_crafty