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Bash! Ahhhhh!

Did you write a Test.Bash() talk and blog just to make that pun?

Don’t judge me. It’s a good pun.

So, what’s this blog about then? You did the talk, right?

Well, completely real person asking me these questions, I did a very quick, very high level flyover of Bash, scripting and the myriad utilities available by default in many terminal emulators. This is me redressing the gross disservice I did to all the utilities I didn’t cover, didn’t cover well and the whole world of proper shell scripting.

Right, so this is what the talk should have been?

No, this is far too long a topic for a talk. I think the talk was the right size and depth. This topic is massive however and it’s going to pull from decades upon decades of history, my own decades of using Bash and terminal utilities and eventually going to go into somewhere I’ve not spent much time: Non-trivial Bash scripting.

All this in one blog post, which you’ve styled as a conversation between an imaginary person and yourself?

No, the conversation style is just so I can introduce the topic in a friendly and easy to digest manner. I also find writing in this way a lot easier, perfect for trains.

Ok then. Shall we begin?